**Dirk Barber – Church, World Condition & Leaders, Patience, Spiritual Growth; Perseverance; Longsuffering; Mothers Health; Walter Barber (Health); Williams Childs Family (Health); Thomas Family (Health); Pylmel Family (Health); Consistence; Latasha Gilyard; Godfrey Family; Arnella Bellamy (Health); Jacksons & Gilyards; Sis Johnson (Employment)
**Benita Barber – Spiritual Growth, Patience & Love, Thankful; Alexandria (Traveling); Health
**Howard & Jackie Bouldin – World Peace, Spiritual/Emotional Strength, Holy Spirit’s Guidance; Jackie (Health); Church Growth; The Lost/Saved; Patience; Thankfulness; Servanthood; Ministry
**Mike & Gail Carter – Sheary Family; World Peace; Baker’s Son (Health); Glenn Reed Sr. (Health); Sister in Laws Mother (Health); Fitness Group; Sis Hattie (Valdosta); Gaines Family (Mother’s Health); Mikes Uncle (Find His Way Back to God)
**James & Jeris – Get Focused; Place God First; Church Leaders; Peace & Good Health; Better Follower & Study Habits; Focus/Decision Making; People Safety; World/Church Leaders; Be more committed; Gay Family; 2016 Follow God’s Program Closer
Lorenzo Hanna – Peggy (Health); Example to Believers; Soul Saving; church; Jackie Hixson (Health); Holiday Travels; Let Light Shine
Joe Johnson – Thankfulness; Family; Business; Church; Work; Patience
Heather Mobley – Family; Physical & Spiritual Strength; Children
Melissa Walker – Family (Growth Spiritually); Church; Job (Managers); Tashad (Safety) & Jamia; Plans for Life Being in Line God; Thankfulness; Strength


Sam Dunn (Albany Ga)
Peggy Henderson (Tampa Fl)
Marion Holliday (Albany Ga)
Airdeanne Russell (Bartow Fl)
Charles Russell (Bartow Fl)
Gene Sims (LCOC)
Sandra Thomas (LCOC)
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