The past few years have been hard on many families. Jobs have disappeared from the economy and many people found themselves with no income.

Families went bankrupt, houses went into foreclosure, and lives were changed forever.

 The situation in Paul’s day was not exactly rosy either, but Paul was not simply complaining about the overall financial situation of the day.

Members in the church abandoned their jobs & were depending on the generosity of other Christians for their support

Christians of means were sharing with those in need that were not really needy—because they could work for their own support

Paul’s response viewed the issue not only as an economic problem but as a problem of Christian fellowship

  1. Those who failed to work were placing an undue burden others; violating the bonds of fellowship
  2. They used their free time to interject themselves in other folks affairs
  3. The irresponsibility of some does not remove our obligation to help those in genuine need
  • The Problem With Idleness
    • If a man will not work, he shall not eat.”

                     The church should not subsidize those in our fellowship who refuse to support themselves when they have the means and opportunity

      The church is to avoid an idle person – So that he/she might feel ashamed

    • The Productiveness of Work
    • No one has the right to place a financial burden on the church when they are idle.

      The church has an obligation to subsidize only those who cannot support themselves

      Love God and the church. Do good work, and learn the old lessons for a new day!

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