Conference Call-in: 641-715-3670    Access Code: 141366#

Conference Lead by: Howard Bouldin (Wed 5:15am), Richard Henderson (Tues 9:00pm), and R L Loud (Thurs 12:00pm)

Scripture: Acts 17:6

Subject for Sunday: Walking Upright in an Upside Down World

 Prayer Conference Participants:

Ola Terrell and Eugene Sims (Sick and/or Shut =-In)

**Dirk Barber- Benita (Health) – Alexandria’s Travel; Family; Church

**Dylon Barber- Mom’s Health & Strength to Help Mom; Health;

**Benita Barber – continued spiritual growth, ACT Team; Leaders at church & work

**Howard & Jackie Bouldin – Truckers Safety; Congregation; Kaitland Loud; Dumas Family

**Mike & Gayle Carter – JJ (Nephew) Health; Job; Spiritual Growth; Roberta Lawrence (Health); Family

Charlie Calloway – patience and understanding, family

**James & Jeris Hall – James Hall (Health, Focus, Church & World Leaders); Hayward, Frazier, Williams, & Conley Family’s (Bereavement); Truck Driver Safety (Joe & James); Study Habits

**Jamesi Hall – Health

Lorenzo Hanna – Strength; Congregation; Traveling Grace

**Jeanette Henderson – Family

**Richard & Monica Henderson – Family; Patience; decisions, leadership as husband and brother in Christ

**Joe Johnson – Spouse (Health); Focus; Continued Blessings; Thankfulness;

**Catland Loud – Kaitlyn Loud (health), Family (health, strength, and guidance); Work Related Issues

R L & Dedray Loud – Arlo and Isaiah Blackshear

**Melissa Tumblin – Terra White & Family

**Melissa Walker – Strength and Patience

Christian Wicker


Eastview Drive church of Christ

Peggy Henderson (Tampa FL)

Marion Holiday (US19)

Danielle Lindsey (USA)

Airdeanne & Charles Russell (Bartow, FL)

Tanesha Tumblin (USMC)

Tashad Ward (USN)


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