The Southwest Georgia School of Biblical Studies was established from a vision that God gave Dr Howard D. Bouldin to offer quality Christian education to believers striving to become “workmen rightly dividing the word of truth.” The school was named after the late Brother Andrew Wiggins Jr., minister of the Church Street church of Christ in Blakely Georgia. Brother Wiggins preached the gospel for over 50 years, and was instrumental in mentoring many gospel preachers to include Dr. Bouldin.  Dr. Bouldin affectionately referred to him as his “Spiritual Dad.”

The Southwest Georgia School of Biblical Studies offers Associate, Bachelor, and Master’s degrees in the areas of Leadership, Biblical Studies and Ministry.

The school is designed for the serious student of the Bible – Sunday School Teachers, Ministers-In-Training, Ministers, Deacons, Ministry Directors, Laymen and those who thirst after the word at large. Students who take classes are classified as credit/degree seeking, credit/non-degree seeking or audit status. For admission into the college, a student must adhere to the following qualifications and procedures:

○ Demonstrate maturity, desire and willingness to commit to serious academic study of God’s Word.

○ Complete and submit an application form.

○ Submit 3 letters of recommendation.

○ Submit a photograph.

TO REGISTER OR FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT US AT 229-759-2030 OR EMAIL: – Administrator of Southwest Georgia School of Biblical Studies

The academic calendar of the Southwest Georgia School of Biblical Studies consists of 4 semesters of 6-12 weeks with a summer break. Class times are 6:30-7:45, with liberal breaks, depending on the number of credit hours assigned to the course you are registered for.

Please Request the appropriate student application and the Class Schedule to choose the courses you would like to take for the current semester. If you have any questions please contact Dr. Bouldin’s office at 229.759.2030 ALL COURSES ARE (3) CREDITS.

Winter Session – Commences February 22, 2014
Spring Session – Commences May 22, 2014

Summer Session – Commences (TBA)
Fall Session – Commences September 22, 2014


Freshman Courses

Sophomore Courses

Acts – C.W. “Abe” Lincoln Apologetics II – New Disoveries That Confirm Bible – Ted Stewart
Bible History I – Dr. Richard Rogers Christian Home, The – Dr. Ken Wilson
Bible History II – Dr. Richard Rogers Corinthians, First – C.W. “Abe” Lincoln
Biblical Interpretation – Charles Speer Homiletics II – Dr. Truman Scott
Distinctive Nature of the Church – Dr. Ed Wharton Minor Prophets – Dr. Richard Rogers
Historical Christian Evidences – Dr. Ed Wharton Peter, Epistles of – Ted Stewart
Homiletics I – Dr. Ed Wharton Philippians – Doyle Gilliam
James – Ron Bontrager Romans – Dr. Richard Rogers
Life of Christ – Dr. Richard Rogers Scheme of Redemption – Dr. Ed Wharton
Timothy and Titus – Tex Williams Spiritual Living for Ministers – Dr. Truman Scott


Junior Courses

Senior Courses

Christian Counseling, Basics of – Dr. Ken Wilson

Corinthians, Second – C.W. “Abe” Lincoln

Christian Counseling, Intro to – Dr. Truman Scott Daniel – Ted Stewart
Colossians/Philemon – Bob Martin Excellence in Leadership – Dr. Richard Rogers
Ephesians – Gerald Paden Galatians – Dr. Ed Wharton
Greek I * – Dr. Leon Crouch Hebrews * – Gerald Paden
History of the Church in Acts – Dr. Richard Rogers Isaiah * – Dr. Richard Rogers
Jeremiah * – Dayton Keesee John, I, II, III – Gerald Paden
John, Gospel of * – Doyle Gilliam Psalms * – Charles Speer
Sacrificial System – Gerald Paden Theology of Missions – Dr. Richard Rogers
I, II Thessalonians – Doyle Gilliam Revelation * – Dr. Richard Rogers