Youth Leadership Development Academy

“The Burg”

The Youth Leadership Development Academy is a program that includes a
combination of virtual and in-person engagement. Participants will:

• Learn how to advocate for yourself and social justice issues you care about
• Gain expertise in designing and implementing young people-led projects
• Unpack and understand the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and
gender inequality
• Develop your personal leadership style
• Build a network of likeminded young leaders

Leadership 101 is for high school students (youth ages 14-18) providing an
introduction to core leadership theory through individual and group activities.

Leadership is a journey!
The main questions that will help our youth are:
• Why do leadership skills matter?
• What are the qualities of a leader?
• What kind of leader am I?

Passions to Action is for youth ages 12-18 (middle school/high school) providing
an opportunity to identify their passions and values and understand how to
transform them into positive action and change in their community.

Youth who connect their passions and values with community action are
powerful agents of positive change!

The main questions to passions and values answers are:
• What are my passions and values?
• What issues spark action within me?
• How can I transform my passions and values into action?

Communication & Collaboration is for teens ages 12-18 offers youth the chance
to test their teamwork, collaboration, and communication skills in format designed
for maximum learning and reflection!

Working in a team and being a good communicator are crucial skills for
every leader!

The main questions communication and teamwork answer are:
• What does effective teamwork and collaboration look like?
• What is my role in a team? What do I do well? What can I do better?
• Why are communication skills important