My God, the full essence of God exceeds the capacity of the most intellectual human mind. When our minds have been stretched beyond their limit, the full essence of God still lies light years away. Neither the greatest human mind nor the synergy of great human minds can fully fathom the true essence of God. The more we comprehend about God the more we realize that His vastness lies beyond human comprehension. Therefore, some would ask, “Why try?” Though He and His ways are beyond human figuring out, it benefits us to try. Do you remember when as a child you imagined that you could stretch yourself taller? You stretched, measured, and stretched some more. This routine probably did not cause any growth but it did help in that it allowed you to assume some responsibility for increasing your height. That within itself was a benefit. And likewise, learning of God allows us to assume some responsibility for knowing Him better. The exercise itself may prove to be very valuable.

Do not think for a moment that God is playing “peek-a-boo” or “hide and seek” with the human mind. God wants us to know Him and of Him. God is near to us and our understanding (Acts 17:24-31). Even Jesus, His Son, explains Him to us (John 1:18). Really, it is God who pursues us through the understanding of Himself that He provides (John 6:44-45).

Who is God?

God is that being of which no one or no thing greater can be conceived. God is superior or more perfect than all else. He is the being in which all authority and truth resides. Yet, there are some things about Himself that God has not revealed. The things that He has chosen not to reveal about Himself are not intellectually approachable to be understood. But He has revealed some understandable things about Himself. We ought to intellectually attempt to accurately approach those understandable things that He has revealed about Himself. Yet, we should realize that those understandable things about God do exhaust our human mental capacity. If I could give you a single challenge in your personal pursuit to know God, I would engage in “double talk” by saying, “Prepare to understand what you may not ever come to understand, but keep trying until you do.”
All the while God is pursuing you and giving you an understanding of Himself that you are not likely to fully comprehend.

Delivering the Ten Commandments to the Israelites, Moses reminded them that there was just one true God, “Hear, O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord is one!” (Deuteronomy 6:4). The one true God has revealed Himself as the eternal and self-existent One. The Lord Himself declared that before Him, besides Him, and without Him there is no other God (Isaiah 43:10-13). God, Himself, is exclusively God.

He who is eternal has always existed and will always exist. He who is self-existent depends upon no one other than Himself for His existence. The self-existent One came into existence by His own power and remains in existence by His own power. Therefore, God is infinite and sovereign to the universe. Because He is infinite He is exceedingly immense and inexhaustible without limits. Because He is sovereign He wields the greatest supreme authority. The prophet Isaiah was correct when he declared that the God of all power and all the power of God reigned supreme over all other and all else (Isaiah 45:5-25).


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