Conference 6/26/13

  • Avis Bowling – Health, spiritual growth,, Husband’s health & Spiritual Growth, Lang/Pearman Family Bereavement, Robert Taylor Health
    ** Benita Barber – Health, Spiritual Growth, Work life, Dirk’s Health, Dylan, Alexandria, Church’s Development, Abducted Child
    ** Howard Bouldin -Wife’s Personal & Spiritual Well Being, Continued Personal & Spiritual  Growth,  Daughter & Son, Oklahoma Family’s, Congregational Growth
    ** Jackie Bouldin – Armister Hill,  Church Development & Preacher, Health, Thankfulness, Family, Judy Timmons (Phoebe Putney Hospitalized), Job 
     **Monique & Tarrick Burney –  Uncle Lafayette Jones, Great Aunt Sarah Bagemore, Stay on Path in Spiritual Life
    **Latricia Bell – Remove Lazy Spirit, Family, Church Attend
    Cathy Brantley – Health &  Family
    **Mike and Gail Carter – Family Bereavement, Church, Sister Johnnie Ann (Hospital), Gail’s Brother (Recovery), Employment (Better Pay/Stable Hours), Uncle Luke & Family, Gail’s Job
    Dietra Davis – Cathy Williams, church, children, Father having surgery
    **Gale Gaines (West End church Atlanta) – Family, Youth Group & Chaperones. Sis  Rowell & Family
    Sam Hartline – Ministry, Health & Strength & the Eastside church  (Albany)
    Dynita Hicks & Daniel Davenport – Transition To Atlanta, Ga
    Marion Holiday (US 19 church Albany) – Health & Well Being
    Corene Horton (Southside church Orlando) – Strengthened in Faith and the Southside Church
    **Jeris Ferrell – Health and  Self Development
    **James Hall – Care for Self & Family, Church & focus
    Jermaine Jenkins & Family – Graduation, Health & Well Being
    Joe Johnson – Praise, Thankfulness, Church & Preacher, Sound Mind & Health, Job & Family, Patience
    **Le Lang – Family Life, Spiritual Growth
    Danielle Lindsey – Military (Basic Training Candidate)
    **Sheriquea Lowder – (Macon, GA)  Ross Family (Bereavement), Kroger Family, Teasley Family, Riggins Family, Lula Patterson, Tabitha Minter (Health), Jennifer Dyson Health
    Shirley and Zebedee Moore – (West Hill church Valdosta, GA) Physical Health/Strength
    Sallye Mosely – Health, Physical/Spiritual Strength
    Eugene Sims – Physical Strength/Health
    Jay Spriggs (California) –  Congregation Growth, Family & Spiritual Endurance
    Ola Mae Terrell – Health, Physical/Spiritual Strength
    Greg & Maranda Townsend & Family (South Park church, Dothan AL) – Spiritual Growth and Steadfastness, Health
    Melissa Tumblin – Health & Physical Strength, Spiritual/Physical Health
    Tashad Ward – Military Duty (Japan)
    Sheryl Biggins – (Camp Creek church Atlanta, GA) Physical Health/Strength
    **Indicates actual participants in the conference**
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