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Spring Course

Course begins June 11th


Mondays   6:30pm – 7:45pm

Levitical Priesthood – 6 Weeks

Instructor – Gerald Paden

Howard D. Bouldin, III


This course provides an enlarged background for comprehending the standing the Israelites had before God and how that relationship was gained and maintained. It also provides the material for a better understanding of much of the New Testament writings. Understanding the sacrifices offered under the Law, such as the Burnt Offering, helps us get a clearer view of Paul’s meaning in Philippians 4:18 of the “fragrant offering, and acceptable sacrifice, pleasing to God” he used in reference to the monetary gift sent to him by the Philippian church. The course leads the learner through the different stages of each Old Testament sacrifice and then shows Christ as the fulfillment of those sacrifices in the Christian age.

*All courses are available for credit and audit

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229-669-0936 or 229-889-8261

Course Cost begins at $15.00 for personal growth levels (audit)

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