I   =  Individually Unique

You’re unique, one of a kind.  No one can take your place in God’s universal design

M  =  Moral Mirror

You’re created to reflect God’s moral character, His heart, mind, and holiness

A  =  Authority to Rule

You’ve been empowered with the authority over your physical & spiritual environment, not people.

G  =  God’s Friend

You’ve been created to have, as a friend of God, an intimate, loving relationship with Him

E  =  Eternal

You’ve been designed to live forever with God.


Your image is more than an inscription or an imprint like you might see in a work of art or on a coin.  Your God image goes much deeper; it goes to the very core of who you are.  Your God image is alive and active, representing he invisible attributes of God living in your human design.



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