When the Perfect Comes

1 Corinthians 13-8-10


During the Infancy Stage we learned how to Receive the Holy Spirit

During the Childhood Stage we learned how to be Filled with the Holy Spirit

During the Youth Stage we learned how to be Led by the Holy Spirit

During the Adult Stage we learned how to be Empowered by the Holy Spirit

During the Purpose Stage we learned how to trust the Anointing of the Holy Spirit

As we master the purpose stage of spiritual growth, we learn how to maintain a life-style of living in-Spirit with a goal of maturing in the Holy Spirit

This is when the Perfect comes!

                 Perfect Maturity in the Holy Spirit which causes us to seek, discover, and fulfill God’s lifelong purpose for our lives on earth


What Is Perfect?

 1 Corinthians 13:8-10…

Paul says, a time will come when prophesies will fail, tongues will cease, and supernatural knowledge will vanish away

This will occur when the perfect comes

 In classical greek. Perfect comes from the word teleios


Adjectives modify nouns, however, in this case teleios stands alone as an adjective—thus treated as a noun

Adjectives are translated according to gender (feminine, masculine or neuter)

                              Teleios is masculine since it stands alone; it can refer to a person

“a person who is the mature one, the complete one, the full-grown one, or one who has come to an end.”

 Jesus promised He would send the Holy Spirit in His stead (John 16:13-14)

Thus the perfect would refer to “spiritual maturity in the Holy Spirit”

The Holy Spirit is also a masculine gender (the mature, complete & full-grown One)

This is also consistent with the 5 stages of spiritual growth in Luke 4:1-18 where the term pneuma (spirit) is a noun neuter & can be modified by the adjective teleios

 Take what Jesus & Paul said – the perfect is the Holy Spirit

Greek language is not the authority, Jesus is!




Maturity in the Holy Spirit


Completion                                                 Full Grown-ness                                     Maturity

     WORD                                                            CHURCH                                            SAINTS

 Faith Abides, Prophesies Fail            Hope Abides, Tongues Cease        Love Abides, Knowledge Vanishes


INFANCY                CHILDHOOD                      YOUTH                         ADULTHOOD                   PURPOSE



 What the Perfect Looks like Today?

 The perfect can be seen when all 3 aspects of God’s scheme of redemption come into spiritual maturity; the Word, the Church, and the Saints

When the Word of God comes to its completion

When the Church becomes full grown

When the saints grow individually & collectively, into spiritual maturity

When all 3 have come into spiritual maturity, the perfect has come!

 Maturity in the Holy Spirit is always in direct contrast with spiritual immaturity –1 Corinthians 13:9-10…

 The expression “will be done away” comes from the Greek katargeo

Means to render idle, inactive, inoperative, or to put off anything that has more influence over us than God.”


When we experience katargeo in our lives, we will put an end to physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual immaturity

When the perfect comes anything that is not conducive to spiritual maturity should be put away

When the perfect comes we will separate ourselves from, and get rid of anything that hinders, delays or stops our spiritual growth toward maturity

1)     When the Perfect comes in the Word

It came with the completion of the New Testament!

 When all the NT books were completed (1st Century AD) all prophesies failed, and now faith abides

The Word transitions thru conception, correction, confirmation, comprehension & completion

Paul used his body to show us how the perfect would come – 1 Corinthians 13:11…

Katargeo is used again

During infancy, we conceived the Word of God

During childhood, the OT was corrected by adding the NT

During youth, the NT was confirmed by prophecies, tongues U+& supernatural knowledge

During adult, the Word became fully known

During purpose, the Word was finished with the completion of the NT

Now the Bible says, the law of the Lord is perfect – Psalms 19:7…

See also 2 Timothy 3:16-17…

The Perfect has come in the Word of God & the NT/OT represent the completion

2)     When the Perfect comes in the Church

        It came in the universal church, but locally each church must grow before The Perfect comes

 Ephesians 4:13…

Full-Grown here, is the same “full grown” {teleios} used in 1 Corinthians 13:10

        Paul is saying the church needs to be full grown so every individual can mature in the Holy Spirit

The gifts of Ephesians 4:11-16 are designed to perfect {teleios} us in the church, so that we are no longer tossed to & fro; we no longer have need for childish gifts to pacify our spiritual immaturity

1 Corinthians 13:8-13…

        These temporary gifts are childish & designed for the spiritually immature

When a church is full grown, we put away childish gifts

Will seek gifts for spiritual maturity – faith, hope & love

As The Perfect comes in the church today, we will grow in faith, hope & love into maturity in the Holy Spirit

3)     When the Perfect comes in the Saints

We will surrender & depend on the Holy Spirit in our daily lives

 Dependency on the Holy Spirit is a sign of spiritual maturity

When The Perfect comes, we will be truthful with ourselves & others

One of the characteristics of The Perfect it truthfulness – John 16:13…

               The Holy Spirit & Truthfulness are synonymous – Can’t have one without the other

John 14:16-20…

When The Perfect into our lives, truthfulness will dominate our character

Ephesians 4:15-24…

 Surrendering & depending on the H.S. is the only way we can grow into spiritual maturity

We put off the immaturity of our old-self and put on our new selves (new spiritual mind)

Christians have to be truthful enough to do what it takes to mature in the H.S.

When we are not truthful with ourselves & others, The Perfect CANNOT come into our lives

Untruthfulness will not allow us to grow into spiritual maturity

The untruthful remain in the darkness of their minds & the negative influence of our old-self

Titus 3:5…

 The Perfect does not come by our own efforts

 How to Reach Spiritual Maturity

First, we have to be fully aware to the presence of the Holy Spirit living in us

As we obey the gospel, the H.S. comes to live inside of our human spirit

Constantly reminding us to remember His presence

When we are fully grown, we are fully aware of His communion with our spirit

 1 Corinthians 13:14; John 14:16-17…

 When The Perfect comes we will live in-Spirit in every activity of our daily lives

In short, maturity in the H.S. is a healthy respect for, & a daily acknowledging of, the H.S. presence living inside us

Second, we have to realize that staying in-Spirit is the rallying point where our humans spirit daily reunites with God’s Holy Spirit

The sacred place where we connect & reconnect with God & His Son to be fully transformed in maturity

We are not controlled by our old-self

God leads us into our lifelong purpose on earth

The Perfect comes in the form of New Self-Purpose

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